I’€™m here to entertain you with this one. No offense intended if anyone gets that vibe, this isn’t meant to be taken seriously. Would have loved to included a few more but didn’t want to start making stretches. I’m an observer and know very few of these people personally. Enjoy the read! This is an easy one, it’s not just because we call Ryan Eagle the “Birdman” either. Ryan has all of the charisma and industry star power of a YMCMB rapper, maybe he’d even be Weezy instead of Birdman? We’ll let Tom be Birdman. Harrison can be T-Pain (and yes, T-Pain is a YMCMB artist now), Nicki Fotia is obviously Nicki Minaj, etc. EWA is just really at the top of the game and they seem to receive a fair bit of hater attention, much like the YMCMB crew does. Point is, they’ve got a well-rounded team of individuals. Even though Ryan is the dude that you see in every banner ad on the internet, the rest of the team shines in their own right.

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